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Rigging & Marine Services Pte Ltd, “RMS” was established in 1992, serving both the marine and O&G sectors. Through this quarter of a century, we have gained a formidable amount of experience and skillset as well as an excellent reputation in the field of load testing and marine services. RMS is most proficient with water weight load tests and have been one of the most trustable service provider. Other than load tests , we are capable of wire reeving operations such as renewal of wire ropes on cranes and more. Moreover, we do provide a large range of other marine related testing and services with our current fleet of equipment and team of competent staff. Safety is of our utmost priority, we provide professional advice and certification to ensure that our clients are able to comply smoothly with different safety requirements.


RMS started our humble business as a small start-up comprising of only 3 permanent staff and a handful of contract based general workers. Our business started off dealing with rigging jobs and gradually expanded by investing in a first test bed leading into wire ropes and slings load test service. Growing strong with determination, the testing department grew with more investment of equipment such as steel weights and water weights in order to satisfy customer needs. Till date, we are proud to own a good range of equipment such that RMS is capable of conducting water weight load tests to a capacity of 1400 Ton.


Customers’ satisfaction is part of the culture at RMS. With our current competent team and resources, we are confident to develop further into this business and aim to be a regional rigging and marine service provider.


As a service provider to our clients, we always prioritise their needs. Thus, we are always ready to serve and perform round the clock and be committed to completing the job. 24/7, 365 days. Our operation never stops.